A week in London

Hey guys! Yep, I did it again. London and I – we share this very special love. I just can’t go without a visit for long. Earlier this month I spent a week in the – in my opinion – most beautiful city and inspired by Uli’s post about Bloggen mit Herz I decided to try something different this time.

So, may I share with you:

It’s my first follow me around – if you can call it that. I don’t do any talking though. You wouldn’t want to hear that 😉
I hope you enjoy it. I actually had quite a lot of fun filming and editing it and may have looked into some more „professional“ cameras than the Fuji X10 I used for this. To the more experienced film makers out there: what camera do you use? I’ve been looking at the Nikon 5300 (as I already have a Nikon D60 and D200 so I wouldn’t have to get new lenses)… Any recommendations?


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