For the time being I stored all my musical and concert tickets in a little box. Thanks to YouTube and other blogs I stumbled over Project Life and thought that’d be the perfect idea to store my tickets. So I finally managed to finish the first pages  and thought I’d share these with you.

Project Life
 is a combination of scrapbooking, photo album – and diary if you want. It’s a kind of creative memory keeping without consuming too much time created by Becky Higgins in 2009. When we went to New York in April I took my chance to finally get a 12×12″ album and get started because – let’s face it – thanks to import taxes and shipping expenses it’s quite expensive to get Project Life things in Germany. So, off to a Michael’s on 808 Columbus Ave and into paradise. It’s stationery heaven there – really.


Apart from the album, you need some Project Life cards in different sizes and pocket pages. There are quite a few manufacturers and versions to choose from – if you’re from Germany, just check out Scrapbook Werkstatt or Dani Peuss. And last but not least: photos. All you have to do now is fill the pages with your photos and cards.


I first ordered my tickets chronologically and then started to roughly fill the pocket pages as you can see on the top left picture. I always like to have cast lists to shows I see so for the times that I didn’t take pictures of cast boards, I added blank project life cards where I’ll write things down myself (see below).


For shows I saw during city trips I also developed some more photos to go with the tickets because in the end, Project Life is for memory keeping, right? 😉

Have you tried Project Life? Why or why not?

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